don't give up the ship!

I really like these new plates from Shany, I can only find one set of them online which is a bit disappointing because they actually work better than some of my more expensive plates.
I used the anchor from plate SH09 and the criss-cross from plate SH23.


  1. Wonderful Design!

    Where did you buy your Shany plates? I keep looking at them on Amazon and half the product pictures show the SH plates and half show duplicates of the Bundle Monster plates.

  2. Thank you!

    I got mine on amazon here:

    There are some Bundle Monster duplicates but they have subtle differences (and for the price, it's totally worth it)

  3. Awesome thanks for the info! I was really worried about just getting another set of bundle monster plates. I wish the SHANY product description was more accurate. I just ordered them so I'm very excited to see the new plates.