half moon leopard

I saw this mani the other day and I totally copied it. I love the idea and it's such a cute look (and it is leopard print Wednesday after all).
Also, this is the 31st mani in August which means I had new nails everyday!


We sail at break of day

I love this anchor stamp and I never get tired of using it! I did find some other styles on a site called and I plan on ordering a bunch of new plates from them <3


sweet and simple

I decided to do something a little less time consuming tonight

 This design reminds me of potato stamps from when I was little :)


its tokidoki!

I spent a ridiculously long time on this but I don't even care because it is totally awesome. That's right, awesome.


sweet strawberry

This reminds me so much of the embroidered shorts J Crew used to do. Haven't seen them in a while but they always had the most adorable combinations.


pop art pink

I hand painted all of the designs in this mani for the first time :) I couldn't get a dark enough gray with the stamp so I took a whack at it myself.


vintage inspired

I have been looking through different swatches of vintage fabric and the designs are incredible! I found this one last night and thought I'd give it a try:
fabric -
nails -


like a coogi sweater, but for your nails!

I am really into this woman from Germany's blog right now. Her name is Susa and her blog is She is super talented and her designs are ridiculously dope...

almost as dope as Biggie.


pretty in pink

A mixture of the cutest stamps I have from Konad and Bundle Monster:
bows and *hearts  - M59
dots and net - M79
diamonds - BM09
poodle - BM04
 = Ultra girly!

*(not pictured, on thumb)


business casual ;)

This mani reminds me of a gentlemans casual tie or something out of one of my J Crew-peppered day dreams.



This was such an easy mani and I love how fancy it turned out! Its like a cross between feathers and pin-striping


rainbow toys!

Jillian Phillips is a graphic designer from England who specializes in babywear. I found a collection of wall decals that she designed called Rainbow Toys and I think they are so adorable!
Here is my take on them :)

and here  is the mess I created


matte about you!

I really like the combination of matte and glossy together. I did an all black leopard print last month but it only showed well in direct light. This one seems to contrast very nicely, at least with indoor lighting. We'll see how it looks tomorrow ;)


Double French

I was just going to do another simple stamped design but I guess I need a little more flash! I have a really nice brush from MAC (I think its for eyeliner) that works really well for detail work.

This kind of reminds me of the canvas maryjanes I have with the bows :)


A few of my favorite things!

shoes + nail art = <3
 It was nice to do a simple stamping design after the last couple of nights. It has gotten so much easier and I can do a whole mani in under 30 min now (huge improvement from 2 months ago).

  • base coat - OPI - Electric Pinapple
  • design - Konad stamping polish - Black Pearl

Sugar Skull

This mani took kind of a long time - although most of it was probably spent looking at images online. I have sugar skulls on the back of my legs but they're kind of hard see ; )


a little Lichtenstein

I'm really enjoying hand painting my nails right now (instead of just stamping). I seem to spend a good hour looking through art online before I decide what to do. I like how well Lichtensteins style translates to nail art.



I don't know why it's taken me so long to do a PF mani but I am seriously in love with this right now! I didn't have the right color for Julius so I had to make one - it turned out pretty close for the colors I have. I totally thought of your birthday cake when I was doing this, Emily <3

  • base coat - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Speedy Sunburst
  • design - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Lightning, Black and Red done with a fine point Sharpie



So I'm not real big on bears or hearts but I had an overwhelming desire to do something over-the-top cute. Achievement unlocked.

  • base coat - Jordana - French Manicure White
  • design - Confetti - Dance Party Pink and Moonstruck

leopard print wednesday

It seems like leopard print is a reoccurring pattern for me so I'm just gonna go with it :)

  • base coat - OPI - Skull and Glossbones
  • tips - China Glaze - Awaken
  • design - Sinful Colors - Hazard, Nail Art Paint - Black


hello sailor!

I got a great skirt last month that has a lovely nautical feel to it. Mustard, navy, red, white...and bows on the pockets to top it off. I wanted to do something a bit brighter so I left my nails almost bare (one coat of Dance Party Pink by Confetti) and stamped on top of that.


*le sigh*

The next time I have an extra $2,140 laying around I will be sure to pick up a pair of these amazing shoes by Miu Miu (spring 2010). Until then, I'll settle for the nails....

I ended up using a black Micron pen to draw the birds on, then covered with Seche Vite. My brushes just weren't fine enough and as long as I applied the top coat immediately it worked out fine. Base coat is Dance Party Pink by Confetti.


hot pink crocodile!

With all of these new plates I'm gonna be wrapped up in stamping for weeks! I am really happy with the bigger images, the designs turn out way better :)


Ssssssnake Print

another new design <3

  • base coat - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Wet Cement
  • image plate - BM-215 with China Glaze - Awaken


more new plates!!

I got 25 new plates from Bundle Monster today and I don't even know where to begin! This collection has bigger designs on the plate which makes it so much easier to stamp.

  • base coat - L.A. Colors - BCC 567
  • image plate - BM-203 with Maybelline Express Finish - Racy Red


pink & paisley

I tried 3 different pink and navy designs last night but I wasn't really loving them. Out of sheer exhaustion I settled on the paisley design from one of my Konad image plates. I actually really like it!



This is the 3rd mani I've done for this leopard print dress I have. The other two were leopard but I wanted to try something different. Its pretty simple and I'm not sure if I like it all that much but it's late and I'm not doing it over ;)

  • base coat - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Wet Cement
  • design - Sinful Colors - Hazard, Konad Special Polish - Black Pearl


just a cute little owl

I got a new dotting tool from Sephora and it is fantastic :) I used it for the owls and it was super easy!

  • base coat - OPI - Stranger Tides and Mabelline Express Finish - Charcoal Cheer
  • design - Sally Hansen - Lightning, Art Deco - Intense Pink, Kiss Nail Art Paint - White


new image plate!

My new image plate arrived today! I had a hard time finding it sold by itself (I ended up getting it along with the Black Pearl Konad Stamping polish and a buffer) but it works out well cause I'm going through a lot of the black polish.
here is the plate:
and here are the nails:

I want to do these in every color I own <3

  • base coat - BCC567 - LA Colors (I think I got this at the dollar store)
  • image - Konad Black Pearl stamping polish


patterns and prints

I've been looking at a lot of fabric and printing blogs recently and I have seen a ton of things I want to try! I took a design from what I think is a pack of cards, or maybe napkins, but I thought it would make a really pretty mani.
Here are the cards (?):
and here are the nails: