Pink panther

So, I just bought a pair of hot pink jeans - this seems appropriate ;)



3 of a kind

I have really been enjoying bright summer colors with just a simple black design


a trio of cuties

Still doing mani's - just haven't been able to post daily :( Here are a few from a couple of weeks ago:


gold finger

I LOVE the gold foil! Unfortunately, I only got about one days wear out of them :(
Still, the effect was pretty awesome. I would probably give them another shot,  maybe with a little nail glue or something. Check 'em out here


installment #1

I've still been using the big plates from Cheeky, here are the first few <3


while I was away....

I continued to do mani's (almost) every day. I have all of the pictures but I just haven't had time to sort and post them yet. My next day off I'm planning on doing a little bit of catch up :)


blue plate

With some stamps, I'm never sure what it will look like til it's on my nail. After finishing this mani I realized that it totally reminds me of metal diamond plate, so at some point I'm going to do this again only in black and silver.


highland bling

I got these nail wraps by Cheeky the other day. I love the pattern but I feel like the Sally Hansen nail effects go on much smoother (or maybe I'm out of practice). Either way - they look lovely ;)


and the winner is....

MADISON!! Back in September there was an auction at the Dawn Farm Jamboree and one of the items was a manicure from little old me :) Madisons Dad won the gift certificate and today we were finally able to redeem it.
Thanks for being so awesome and patient Madison...I hope you enjoy your penguins!!

I wood for you

Wood grain stamp!