cherry blossoms

 We had our first snow fall of the year today and, although I'm sad to see summer and fall fade away, I do love when everything is covered in snow. That is what tonights mani reminds me of :)
I used M66 from Konad.


  1. i am waiting for this stamp to come to me! i cant wait to try it out and post it! love your nail art so so much! you should check mine out if you like. you have definitely made me a devoted follower!!!

  2. WOW! Thank you so much - I'm really glad you like my nail art. This is a great plate - I love the themed ones :)
    Your site is great - I going to take a whack at a couple of your designs (if you don't mind) ;)
    I LOVE the V strip mani - the colors are gorgeous!

  3. go ahead!!! youve definitely inspired me to stamp some more!!! im seriously in love with all the designs youve put up