chevron 2.0

I have a new found respect for all of those water marbling artists out there...3 attempts tonight, and none were even close to being good enough to post! I was looking through Adventures in Acetone's blog and I saw this really great tutorial that she did; the colors and design are fabulous!
After hours of trying this out however, I decided to throw in the towel and do something a little easier :)
I do love the chevron design and I thought I could at least get this on my nails without too much trouble...


red angel plates!

While looking through Spellbinding Nails blog the other day I saw her post on these Red Angel plates.
Some of the images are kind of ridiculous, but 21 plates for $11.99 I couldn't resist!


mad about plaid!

I have an awesome red plaid coat and I've wanted to do a mani like this for awhile. This is the first hand painted design I've done in a month and I think I'm a little rusty!



I wasn't able to blog my nails last night so I planned on coming home and putting them up before todays mani...but, I took all of my nail polish off before I got any pics! So I just repainted my thumb and stamped that :)


hydragea in mint and pink

ok, so I'm not quite done...worked late and have to get up early. I have wanted to use this image for some time and I'm very happy with the result :)


last day of stamping

Today wraps up 30 days of only stamping. I had originally planned on using all of my plates but my collection keeps growing (20 more coming next week)    ;)


Happy Thanksgiving from Cutesville!

Sorry, no turkey nails or acorn squash designs here; I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I did want something a little fancy though and I really like how this turned out.


black lace

Maybe a little more risque than my ususal designs, but I do love this plate ;)


nail party in cutesville!

Two of my (self proclaimed) "biggest fans" came over today for a nail party! New to the magic of nail stamping, it's fair to say that it was pretty much love at first sight.
Thanks for an awesome afternoon ladies <3

first up is E-flo: classic leopard + bling = dope

next, Rza: 10 different designs like you've never seen before (check out the unicorn with an upside down cowboy hat on the left thumb)

last but not least, cutesville:


mystery ball

I don't really know what this kind of reminds me of a beach ball and summer <3


polka dots

Its been a while since I've done any polka dots! If I wasn't going through my plates, on my 30 Days of Stamping, I would have done them with a dotting tool; they come out so much brighter. I used one of my favorite Konad plates - M79 (which you might be able to tell by all of the scratches on it)


vine design

The base color for this mani is OPI's Road House Blues and it is such a fantastic purple/blue shade. Although it looks black in the pictures, natural light really brings out the color. I used another Shany plate - this one is actually duplicated in the set that I bought! I'm not complaining though, they're still my favorite so far :)



I didn't get a chance to do my nails last night so this was a quick mani before work :)


black hearts

I really love this plate from Konad - so many cute images! I also got a nice, fresh, bottle of Sally Hansen Instr-Dri in Sonic Boom which I used for the base color :)


lavender and lemon

I thought I would do something a little brighter to combat this mid-November dreary weather. I used plate M65 from Konad with a really great lavender from Studio M called Shabby Drab. The yellow is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightning. The Insta-Dri line is fantastic for stamping!



I love gold and turquoise, its such a beautiful combination <3
Just another quick mani tonight; for this one I used Bundle Monster plate BM-208


cherry blossoms

 We had our first snow fall of the year today and, although I'm sad to see summer and fall fade away, I do love when everything is covered in snow. That is what tonights mani reminds me of :)
I used M66 from Konad.


gorgeous gradient

No stamping tonight, I just loved this mani too much to cover it up. I have wanted to try this for awhile and I found it was actually much harder than I thought it would be. I ended up using acrylic paint for the black which was a little easier to blend than the polish.


don't give up the ship!

I really like these new plates from Shany, I can only find one set of them online which is a bit disappointing because they actually work better than some of my more expensive plates.
I used the anchor from plate SH09 and the criss-cross from plate SH23.


luck of the draw

Tonight I though I would try my luck at picking out a random color and plate.
Here's what I came up with :)


pink clouds

Tonights mani was inspired by this poster that I found on pinterest. I love the colors, even though I switched the gray for navy blue ;) I used two plates tonight, SH-25 and M-79.