I have been so excited to use this plate! Konad S5 is a collection of western images and they are absolutely adorable.

here are the nails:

and here is the plate:


"V" is for.....

Virus, as in "cold virus"....which I still have :(   At least it looks pretty on my nails.


under my umbrella ella ella.......

Still sick, but I was so excited to use this plate from Konad (M8) that it actually cheered me up for a little while (that and the grilled cheese and tomato soup my sweet husband made for me). Really happy with how it turned out :)


Trees :)

The cold has come to Cutesville and I'm a bit under the weather, therefore, tonights mani is a little less labor intensive. I used the tree stamp from Bundle Monster (plate 204). And now I am going back to sleep.



The amazing interchangeable mani! 16 robots to choose from!! (if you count the right hand too!)



"Q" had me stumped for most of the day but I think it came together nicely!
Dare I say, Nailed It?!?!?


"P" is for.....

Pink poodles and purple polka dots!!! There was going to be some plaid and paisley in there too but it was just getting ridiculous.


"O" is for.....

Thank you to all who left suggestions for todays letter! At some point I know I'm going to be using the other ones as well! While looking at different octopus designs I came across this one and just had to try it :)
Also, thanks to all of the folks who have been reblogging my posts!! I am amazed at some of the awesome things people have said and I'm super flattered that you like them!


"N" is for nautical!

Probably one of my favorites! This is the first time I've done a whole nautical mani totally freehand and I love how it turned out!


Lace mani

Had to do kind of a quick mani tonight so I did an all-konad stamped design.



While trying to find inspiration for the letter "J" I found this post on the Houston Zoo website. In a nutshell, it says that while leopards and jaguars have incredibly similar coats, jaguars will have black spots in the middle of the dark rosettes. Although leopards sometimes have that too, so I guess that little tidbit of information is pretty much useless. Thanks anyway.


set for stun!

For "I" I chose stormtroopers from the Imperial Army. I gotta say, it turned out pretty awesome.


Hearts (of course!)

I could not resist trying this cute little mani I saw on Nailside the other day, and how perfect that it should coincide with todays letter!


its a Frenchie, Y'all

Whats not to love about a Frenchie?? Pretty much everything they do is super adorable and they are the cutest puppies in the world. This one is for you, Sailor!


"D" is for DAWN FARM!

I work for an amazing non-profit organization called Dawn Farm (follow the link to read about how awesome the Farm is). Every year there is a fund raiser called the Jamboree; there's a ton of cool stuff to do and its for a great cause. If you are even remotely near Ypsilanti, Michigan, I suggest you come and check it out!
BTW - one of the items in the auction is a manicure by little old me ; )


"C" is for chandelier

Well, it was an amazing vacation but I am glad to be home! I really missed my nightly nail polishing, although my nails probably needed the break.
Back to my A-Z mani project; tonight is the letter "C":

This mani just so happens to match the new Coach purse my dear Husband bought me today. I'll post pics tomorrow :)


all aboard!

We were back out on the water today, this time on a tour of shipwrecks in a glass bottom boat! After that we went to a beach we had seen on both tours and spent the rest of the day pretty much just laying around in the sand :) Another absolutely fantastic day in the U.P.



We traveled to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula yesterday and it is so breathtakingly beautiful! Everywhere you look there are the most stunning views. We started the day with a boat tour of the lakeshore and then after dinner we drove to a nearby waterfall.


cutesville is on the road!

My husband and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this week and we are traveling across the Upper Peninsula. This means no nails, but tons of scenic stops! We were on Mackinac Island today and it was absolutely stunning.


for Grandma Dolly

I'm sure everyone thinks their Grandma is awesome and I certainly think mine is. She sends me the most incredible cards and she never forgets an occasion. My husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on September 9th and I received this card in the mail tonight <3

Thanks Grandma Dolly xoxoxo

how d'ya like them apples?

I received 6 new image plates and I am so excited! Tonight I used plate M55 from Konad and its all fruit. I think I'm gonna do A - Z nails, starting with apples!


smells like teen angst

This is a little avril-lavigne-back-to-school-line but this plate was too hilarious to pass up. There is a spider, scorpion, skull (with crossbones), an eagle, and a cobra! Amazing! So here it is :)


flower print

I picked up a cute little print dress the other day and just happened to have the perfect greens, blues, and purples to go with it. Looks like the obsessive nail polish collecting is paying off!
I also stopped in to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dinner tonight (which was awesome, as usual) and ended up talking to a super nice couple, Ann & Matt. We got to talking about nails and purses and such, and Ann mentioned a friend who she thought might enjoy my little blog - so if you see this, hello!
So here is the dress:

and here are the nails: