Holy Smokes!

First time ever! Thank you Kim, from KimsKie's Nails, for the Cute Blog Award!

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you
2. Answer the award questions
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet
4. Award as many blogs as you think are worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let those you gave this award to know that you awarded them.

The Award Questions:

1. What is your go to makeup product?
Almay liquid eyeliner in brown - I have used this for as long as I can remember :)

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
I honestly have no idea...

3. What is your favorite dessert?

4. Favourite color?
Tiffany blue ;)

5. What is your middle name?
Anne, after my grandmother <3

6. What was the last song that you listened to?
Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells

7. Cats or dogs?
I heart dogs!

8.Something about myself that you don't know:
I'm also a badass cake decorator ;)

And now to pass it on:

much love xoxo


  1. Awww thank you sweetie! that means alot x


  2. Sure thing! Thanks for all your support <3

  3. thank you!!!! I also gave you this award because come on, youve got the cutest nails ever!!!!

    1. wow! Thanks for the Award! I loved =)
      I see your blog with great pleasure.
      I do not speak English, I write with the help of a translator, I hope that makes sense for you.

  4. Loved reading all the answers and discovering new blogs! :D